Treat a crafty friend or family member to a shopping spree at Woolhogs! 

How does it work?

Click on the link provided below, type in the amount you wish to buy a voucher for (minimum of R150) and proceed to check out.

When your payment (EFT or Snapscan) has been received and processed, a unique code will be send to your email address (please be patient...this might take a while). If you would like us to email you a printable voucher in PDF format, please forward your voucher code to us. You can also write down the code in a card or simply forward the email to the lucky recipient for them to copy and paste!

When using the voucher, an additional amount can be paid in via EFT or redeem part of the voucher at a later stage. Vouchers are not refundable for cash and cannot be used to buy furher vouchers.
Vouchers can be used to buy products that are in stock.

To purchase a Gift Voucher, please
click here