Felting Needles

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Felting Needles

Needles for needle felting of feltable (non-superwash) fibres

Coarse & Fast felting - star pointed needles - 36 gauge
Coarse & Deep felting - triangular pointed needle - 36 gauge
All purpose
- triangular pointed needle - 38 gauge
Fine Work - star pointed - 38 gauge

The gauge refers to the diameter of the needle. The higher the gauge the finer the needle and the smaller the barbs.

The greater the number of barbs the quicker the needle will felt. The fewer the barbs a needle has the greater the accuracy of the needle. To start a project you might want a 36 star needle as this has 8 barbs and to finish adding fine detail you might use a 38 triangular needle as this only has 3 barbs.

Felting needles are brittle, and are therefore easily broken. To reduce breakages use the needle in a straight in, straight out motion. The needle is best not bent, wiggled or put under a lot of pressure. As a general rule if the needle will not enter a surface with ease do not force it.
Possibly change the gauge needle you are using to a finer needle / higher gauge. 

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