Undyed Pure Merino Roving per 1kg

Undyed Pure Merino Roving per 1kg


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Popular for spinning, felting, photo props and giant knitting 

If not familiar with roving wool please do some research (useful links at the bottom of this page), before purchasing this wool for giant knitting. Buying a 100gram sample to experiment with is also recommended. No refunds available.

It is recommended to felt the wool prior to knitting to reduce shedding & pilling (see links at the bottom of this page for felting techniques). How much wool you will need for your project depends on the size of your project, size of the needles or arms, stitch pattern, how  tightly you knit and how much you felt the wool before knitting. Most people use 4-6kgs for their blankets. 

Product information:
* Undyed, unspun natural colour 100% South African Merino Wool roving
* Wool in South Africa is produced from sheep that are not mulesed 
* 21.5 micron - next to skin soft
* Non-superwash - will felt
* 1kg = approx. 40 meters
* Wool is supplied NOT FELTED

To order undyed roving per 100gram for small projects 
please order here

Shipping Info:
1kg of roving fits into an A3 Fastway courier bag (R70) - main centres
2-4kgs will fit into an A2 Fastway courier bag (R100) - main centres
When ordering more or if a different shipping method is required, please send through your order with a note and we will email back with the correct cost. 

When knitting with roving the ends can be joined by needle felting it together. We stock felting needles and sponges here
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    Knitting a giant blanket?

    This detailed pattern PDF
     is helpful:

    Giganto Blanket pattern and instructions

    Experiment using small quantities. Do lots of research online - there are different ways to prepare the wool. 

    Some useful links:

    Felting Technique - rolling

    Felting Technique - washing

    Needle felting roving ends together

    Gigantic Blanket info

    Little Dandelion

    Felting your roving or your product

    Blog post about felting roving

    Read about the wonderful properties of pure wool: www.campaignforwool.org/about-wool/

    What sets SA wool apart internationally?

    South Africa has developed an excellent reputation over many decades for top quality wool that’s well-classed, not contaminated with foreign materials and fibres, and is produced in an environmentally friendly way. Sheep welfare is a high priority on our farms and is strongly supported by a Code of Best Practice developed by the industry for the industry. For example, wool in South Africa is produced from sheep that are not mulesed – a surgical procedure that prevents flystrike. SA sheep are plain-bodied, resulting from decades of selection and breeding.

    Source: FarmersWeekly.co.za