Giant Merino Wool Scarves


Luxurious and on trend, these irresistable scarves are hand crafted in Cape Town by Madeleine using our fine quality, unspun 100% South African Merino wool.

Inspired by the popular Giant Blankets

- Scarves are approx. 2m long by 25cm wide
- Undyed natural cream colour = R1,200 each
- Hand dyed colours = R1,600 each (choose from the colour chart)
- Hand made on order - lead time approx. 2 weeks - to be confirmed
- Each hand made product is unique and wool thickness may vary 
 -Care instructions will be provided

Some wonderful qualities of pure wool

Natural, renewable and biodegradable

Breathable, elastic, multi-climatic/trans-seasonal

Hypoallergenic, odour and stain resistant

Natural insulator, fire resistant, natural barrier to UV

Wool in South Africa is produced in an environmentally friendly way from sheep that are not mulesed. Our Merino wool is top quality, well-classed and not contaminated with foreign materials and fibres.

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