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YAMA Merino Linen Singles


Yama Merino Linen Singles is a soft single ply, fingering weight yarn with rustic appeal

A collection inspired by Norse Mythology..expect layers of colour and speckles.
From the left is Valkyries, Vegvisir, Aegir, Yggdrasil, Shield Maidens, Thor and Ratatoskr:

Staple Yama colourways with subtle layers and speckles.
From the left is Bushwillow, Grey Sage, Cameo, Silver Wolf, Graphite, Cocoa and Aztec Maroon:

Yama Yarn hand dyed by Madeleine Botha in Cape Town, South Africa
I dye in small batches. Colours are unique, created in the moment in a painterly fashion and cannot be 100% replicated. Yarn is dyed, washed and rinsed using rain and wellpoint water.

• 90% South African Merino Wool Superwash (mules free) + 10% Linen
• Fingering / Sock weight
• Single ply
• Approx. 360m per 100grams
• 2.5-4.5mm knitting needles and crochet hooks depending on the pattern

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    Care Instructions:
     recommend hand washing garments in cool water. Soak in a wool wash and rinse in clean water with a drop of essential oil. Roll in a towel to get the water out and dry flat. 
    NOTE: when using high contrast yarn in one project where the one colour is very light and the other very dark, soak and rinse the dark colour prior to knitting/crocheting to get rid of any excess dye. Wash the garment in cold water.

    Note: I try to present yarn colour as true as possible but due to variations in device screen displays and light conditions during photography, the actual yarn colour may vary slightly from the colour that you perceive on your screen. Dye batches of the same colourways varies. Please note that no refunds or exchanges will be offered on yarn colour discrepancies.